John made his first parachute jump
in 1970 whilst serving in the Army,
40 years on he has now completed
over 10,000 skydives!

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This was a British Army Adventurous Training expedition organised by the Royal Engineers.  John helped to train and jump with the sixteen A...


All our AFF courses include the cost of kit hire, ground training, in-air instruction, briefing/debriefing, parachute packing and high quality video. You will also be given as part of the course; skydiving gloves, goggles, logbook and canopy handling manual. Because we are British Parachute Association instructors we are qualified to issue all relevant British licences, and qualifications, unlike some Drop Zones abroad which advertise “British Instructors” failing to mention that they may be Brits but they hold foreign instructor ratings which are not recognised in UK.

Once you have completed the AFF course (8 jumps minimum), you have to do another 10 solo consolidation jumps, and demonstrate a reasonable level of “Canopy Handling Proficiency” in order to obtain your A licence.  It is not essential you do these jumps in Spain but most people do.  During this post AFF period you are welcome to use all our equipment at a hire cost of 10 euros per jump, and of course we continue to provide one-to-one coaching and advice.

On all these trips, travel insurance is essential, and whilst the reciprocal EHIC (replacement for E111) scheme in Europe will enable an injury to be treated at the local hospital, it will not cover the cost of repatriation.  There are lots of firms which sell insurance for “hazardous activities” so shopping around will often allow you to get good cover for the period you are away. (Extreme Plus do a good deal).

The dates on which you are available are important and of course if we can arrange it so that we have a couple of students then it saves on transport and accommodation costs.


Course : £1300
Flights : £100-£120
Accommodation : €15per night (sharing)
Car Rental : €10 per day
Consol jumps : €26 per jump


NB The cost of flights is very changeable depending on time of the year, fuel prices etc. If you would like to see a more detailed list of example costs please Click Here.

*  The apartments in Spain are 35 euros per night for one person, however they sleep 3 easily and can be shared for 15euros each.

For the 10 x Consolidation Jumps, you need to budget for 26 euros for the jump, 10 euros kit hire plus 6 euros per jump for someone to pack your parachute (It is possible and relatively easy to learn to pack your own parachute, but it is very time consuming to begin with and you don’t want to be packing when you should be jumping). Occasionally AFF levels need to be repeated, these are charged at cost, ie the cost of places in the aircraft (normally about 26 euros for each person) with no charge for instructor time.


Skydiving is a challenging activity. The AFF courses we run are intensive courses for people who want to learn to skydive. It is unusual but possible that you may not complete the course (normally through the student’s own choice), however by then the instructors have invested a lot of money in flights/transport/accommodation and teaching time in order to provide the opportunity for the students. We therefore require the full cost of the course before you begin jumping, and it is non-refundable.


All prices are estimates and subject to fluctuation. I hope this is of some help, If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on the above number. Please remember…..



  • Prices
    All our FF courses include the
    cost of kit hire, ground training,
    in-air instruction, briefing
    /debriefing, parachute packing
    and high quality video.