John made his first parachute jump
in 1970 whilst serving in the Army,
40 years on he has now completed
over 10,000 skydives!

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Military Expedition - May 2013

This was a British Army Adventurous Training expedition organised by the Royal Engineers.  John helped to train and jump with the sixteen A...

Example Costs

Estimate of Costs for two students (This was for recent week-long trip to Spain)

This is a rough idea of stuff you will need to pay for apart from your course fee and your flights.

Car hire: Approx 100 euros between 3 of us, so 35 Euros each  for the trip.

Fuel: Usually about 20 Euros each depends on mileage during the week.

Accommodation: Hotel is approx. 35euros per night between 2 of you and you pay when you check out, WiFi is free at the hotel and the Drop Zone.

Rejumps: If you need to repeat any of your AFF levels (because you are not ready to progress further) I charge at cost, by that I mean what it costs me for the places in the plane. Approx 24 euros each place plus 30 euros if we need to employ another instructor. See note 1

Pack jobs: Your parachute packing for your 8 levels is part of your course fee, for rejumps and consol jumps it is 5 euros per pack job.

Consol jumps : Each consol jump is 24 euros, plus 10 euros kit hire. See note 2.

Food and Drink: Beers are a couple of euros each, food is pretty cheap usually about 20euros for an evening meal, there is a canteen on the DZ for snacks etc.

Taxi: If you fancy a night in Seville a taxi is about 7 euros each, well worth a visit.

Note 1. Very few people repeat any of the first 3 levels, some students (not many) repeat a level from 4 to 7, so the most you will have to pay for is 2 slots in the plane, level 8 is a success if you survive…!!  Most clubs charge an average of £150 for a repeat level, we only charge what it costs us, ‘cos I am a good bloke and a crap businessman.

Note 2  Parachute gear is horribly expensive when you leave the plane you’ll be wearing about £5k worth of kit. It is also not cheap to maintain/service. , Parachute Centres in UK charge between £15 and £20 per jump kit hire. I charge 10 euros per jump.

  • Prices
    All our FF courses include the
    cost of kit hire, ground training,
    in-air instruction, briefing
    /debriefing, parachute packing
    and high quality video.